paulo santos Level 1 asked 2015-06-01

Supplier in Europe for Rope Handles for paper bag 1

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We are looking for a supplier for rope handles, with plastic end, in polyester or cotton.

6mm thickness and 30cms lenght.

Target Price: 10,00 each 1.000.

quantities: around 200.000 each color

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  • Joan Liu 999 2015-11-29 Best Answer

    Hello Paulo,


    What products packaging bag you are looking for?


    We are customized for kinds of paper boxes,paper bags and other paper packaging.


    Is it possible for you to give us some informations for your paper bags design?


    Best regards


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    • Jasmine Qin 2016-03-17



      we are supplier for rope handles.your target price 1000 pairs /10 dollars,right?


      how many colors of rope do you need?


      if you have any probems,please contact me.


      it is my pleasure to offer you a quotation.





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