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Sellers providing fake tracking number and not shipping the goods, and sometimes you miss the buyer protection period. 5

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I can confirm that about 10-20% of the goods I bought on aliexpress did not ship.
Everytime the seller provides a tracking number but the number is either for some other product of another customer or just fake.
This doesn't happen to me on Ebay,99% of the goods are shipped even without a tracking number.
Sellers might just abuse the dispute system knowing that buyers not always pay attention and miss the period and then its too late, no product no refund.
I can show you tracking numbers of product been sent to other locations instead of my address..
To avoid this abuse you simple need to extend the buyer protection period.

Where are your goods shipped from (country/region): China

Where are your goods shipped to (country/region): Israel

Product name: doesnt matter

Quantity: 10

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  • Christian Liza 2014-10-28 Best Answer

    Hello Han:

    I agree with you, some bad sellers fake the tracking number/ not ship the goods.

    Thats is the reason everybody must use ESCROW to avoid this kind of problems.


    1.- Buy goods using Escrow

    2.- For free shipping goods, wait 7-10 days at maximun to appear online the tracking number to be updated

    3.- For DHL/UPS/TNT, and all extra fee couriers, just let them 3-5 days to get the tracking online

    4.- If the tracking does not exist soon "OPEN A DISPUTE". Dont wait 20-30 days todo so please!

    5.- The seller has 5 days to provide the correct tracking number.

    6.- Ask for Extend Escrow protection 10-15-20 days

    7.- If the seller does not answer, you will get refund

    8.- If the seller again Gives you a fake tracking number, OPEN A DISPUTE AND ELEVATE TO COMPLAINT,dont give another chance, arguee you can not trust the seller anymore. Aliexpress will refund you.


    Hope this helps.


    Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
    skype: decaltrademark1
    email: cliza@decaltrademark.com

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    • David Winters 2014-10-29

      In also have to contend with sellers supplying fake tracking numbers.  I can only presume they think they can fool us, or maybe fool Aliexpress.


      This action by sellers must be condemned by Aliexpress.  Such sellers should be prohibited from selling.  


      All too frequectly I get a different tracking number after about 2 weeks, or the goods simply arrive with a different tracking number.


      I suspect these sellers don't stock the goods they are selling, but wait for a sale to come in before they order the product in.  ie. drop shipping.


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