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Am I risking patent infringement? 1

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I have looked into a few products on Alibaba (I want to sell in USA).
After doing my research I have found several patents by brand name companies for the exact design and operation of products I found on Alibaba. If I purchase and distribute these products, will i face patent infringement lawsuits or is there some sort of protection through Alibaba? Is the manufacturer held responsible and if the products are on here does it mean that they have somehow worked around the patents?

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  • Vicky 蒙茜 2014-10-28 Best Answer

    ask the supplier provide you a saling permit certification in USA, that is ok.




    Echo Pan


    ASQI Inspection Service Co., Ltd



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    • iQuacker 2014-10-30

      If the foreign manufacturer of the item has made an agreement with the patent holder - and can prove it to you, you are most likely in the clear. But it is up to you to make sure. A very good way is to contact the patent holder directly and ask them if there is such an agreement in place. Often, the item has been ripped off and there is no such agreement, or if there is, the agreement may exclude some countries so that the holder can exclusively sell his product in at least those places. So the short answer is "yes" you will be held responsible if you import for sale, a product that violates a valid domestic patent. The foreign manufacturer of the product in question would not be responsible since in your scenario, he was not the importer. In any event, I do not believe that Alibaba would have any liability since they would not be the importer either.


      Regards -

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