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How I can check a supplier? 1

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I contact supplier through,I get email from him on my email adress what I register on My Alibaba,and we start to chat. All emails arive from email of supplier company "New Gold",and supplier name is Alice. We are exchange couple of emails,and we make deal to order items from them. I ask them informations for TT money bank transfer,and they give me account of privat holder,not company name. How I can be sure that they are not scam? And how I can found their company on,to check assessment of that supplier?

Your product name: Huawei Ascend P7 mobile phone

Where is your supplier from: China

What kind of payment terms do you prefer: TT money bank transfer and Western Union

What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use: TT money bank transfer or Western Union

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  • Roman G. 2014-10-26 Expert's Answer



    Would not recommend to pay  TT to a privat account. 99% that you will not get anything.

    If you find one of the best prices in maket and it lower than average, do not buy. Most of the seller do not have stocks ( because prices for mobile phones are very unstable ) and buy phones after you have placed order. Wholesale price is almost the same for sellers, so, there is no way to have huge difference in price.

    This kind of transaction is not protected  ( i mean TT to a personal account ). Find a relaible supplier with Gold membership for long time and that provide Escrow Protection.




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  • Albert Gibel 2014-10-25 Best Answer

    Dear Neven Ciganovic,


    DO NOT PAY via T/T.


    Please read through this blog's past postings, there are some eye-openers.


    The following is an excerpt of a previously answered question.


    "What Is The Best Way To Pay For Items"





    1) If you are in a store and intend to take the merchandise with you immediately, then cash, check or charge is acceptable and reasonably safe.


    2) If ordering something through the mail or online, credit card or escrow (AliEscrow) depending upon the value of the merchandise.


    3) If dealing with international trade (thousands of pieces or thousands of pounds), a Letter of Credt which is a form of escrow is common.


    Lets focus on number-2 for a moment.


    NEVER send cash or cash equivalent ahead of receiving your merchandise.


    You have no guarantees, no safety, no recourse, should the supplier not ship.


    How bad do you want that product ?


    Do you want it more than you want your money ?


    A seller who can not accept credit cards or participate with an escrow order has more problems then you would care to know !


    A sellers financial problem in not being able to process acceptable safe forms of payment is just that, The Sellers Problem not yours.


    I cannot stress this point enough, stay away until safe payment is resolved or find the product from another supplier.


    Be smart, you worked hard for your money, protect it !


    Hope this was helpful.



    Albert Gibel


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    • Christian Liza 2014-10-25

      Hello Neven:

      Firts: the company is not listed in Alibaba and it is very suspicious they deal with Branded Huawei, only have personal name bank...NOT RECCOMMENDED AT ALL. Dont deal with them!


      Second: All golden suppliers just need to pay for one year golden member fee and can do anything they want. Usually they just check documents, and they are easy to obtain, it will cost the scammers some bucks (US$). By scamming people they can recovery very fast and with profits.
      The most important clue is to check all the company information:

      contact person,
      phisycal adress,
      main telephones,
      email address,
      payment methods (including company account- not personal account) 
      product type - not branded products!, etc)

      I will show you an easy trick about dealing with the suspicious suppliers: after finish all the details about the order, TELL THEM THAT YOUR AGENT IN CHINA WILL VISIT THEM AND AFTER CHECK THE PRODUCT, will pay by cash!, you can say our company name as your agent (Decal Trademark); almost 99% of the scammers will reget this option and stop the deal!,
      This is just one trick, you must check or send more information and we can take a little review about that company Hope this helps

      Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
      skype: decaltrademark1

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    • Vicky 蒙茜 2014-10-29



      From the information you provided, this is not a liable supplier, we all don't recommend.


      But next time, If you are going to place big order to new supplier, be sure to do the factory audit first.


      Take care.



      Echo Pan

      ASQI Inspection Service

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    • Tareq Tamimi 2014-10-25

      hi neven,

      first of all you should have all the person contact details, telephon number, address, ministry registration number ..etc

      if the amount exceed 1000 dollars do not transfer via western union, only to to company account.

      third if their offer is very low comparing to other suppliers, then there is something wrong.

      last, you should handle the delivery from your side even if it would cost and you ask your shipper to go and check the product and at least you would not pay the shipping cost to the seller if he was fake. 

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