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Quality and Price , which you are most caring ? 10

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Hello guys !
I'm Brian Van, a businessman , maybe sometimes we are all troubled with this issue : quality and price ? here i wanna know how do you think of quality and price ? leave your thoughts here and share , thanks !

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  • Blue He 2014-10-15 Best Answer

    Hello Brian,


    It depend on you.


    If you want to make you a overnight rich in a short time, you choose the cheap price. Discount goods are welcome wolrdwide and in a scale market in any country, you know, shopping women.


    If you want to make a traditional business or long life business, cheap is good, too. But I suggest quallity first. Lifetime honored brand is basic and most common. 



    5D/7D cinema equipments

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    • Melody Ou 2017-07-06

      Hello Brian,


      Actually,quality and price are all important to buyers.


      So you should to find the balance between quality and price.


      With reasonable price(could be able to get a little profit) to do long life business is strongly suggested.


      It is depend on yourself.


      By the way,our factory is mainly processing metal and aluninium part with 18 years experience,and confuses about this,welcome to ask me free.


      best regards


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    • Zana Zeng 2015-01-04


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    • cn220233027 2014-12-10


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    • Jason Shen 2014-10-18

      Hello Brian, thx for sharing this puzzle with us.


      In my view point, i am to illustrate this question in two aspects.

      If, I were a buyer, i will firstly clarify what is my driver for buying one product.  For example, when i am deciding to buy a TV, quality will go for the first place and then the price. Cos I might use this TV for the rest of my life time. So, if I were convinced by the quality, then there should be a extended room on the moneywise. But while i am deciding to buy consumer products, like paper cup for a picnic with a crowed of my friends. then the driver will be price, so, low price will be prefered instead of the quality.


      Secondly, if i were a seller, I will focus on the quality side instead of using cheap price but inferior products as my competitiveness. While, this should be planned basis on an accurate market positioning.Only universally accepted high quality products can become the lifetime honored brand, and get us the long living biz. Also, better to do is to provide muti-quotation basis on different quality levels and most important is to be honest with the quotation.


      Jason Shen



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