Prinisha chetty Level 1 asked 2014-10-14

how do i expand my baking business to import baked goods, cupcake toppers, gift items christmas cakes or biscuits 1

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Industry: food

Product name: baked goods

Product details: cakes, biscuits, toppers

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  • Christian Liza 2014-10-15 Best Answer

    Hello Prinisha:

    To expand your business you need:

    1.- Sell more variety to your existing clients

    2.- Finf new customers with new needs of baking goods.

    3.- Make a new category of complemetary products for baking

    4.- be different than your actual competitors.


    Ask your clients what they want, what they need, what other products they would like to find in your store.


    About Marketing:

    1.- Make a Keyword Research of your market.

    2.- Find new needs online

    3.- Make SEO for your website.

    4.- Your Fanpage must do monthly campaings and check the ROI´s.

    5.- Make emailing to your clients everyweek with products discounts, new recipes, trends, tips, ideas, etc


    This will help you to expand.


    Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
    skype: decaltrademark1

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    • Nirav Kothari 2014-10-20

      let us know which Item you need...


      so that i can offer you as per your requirement..




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