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How to use ali baba logistics 1

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i am new to this website that is the reason that i am not able to find how to use the logistic service by alibaba. Most importantly also i do not know what are the rates on which this service is being offered. if you can guide me with this it would be a great help to me.
i need this service because i am finding products that i need like mobile phone accessories, as you know there are accessories like eg batteries, chargers etc and screen protectors etc. and if i do find it from different suppliers then every one gives a different rate for transportation and the transportation cost would be much more then my purchasing cost.
that is the reason i need this service

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  • Christian Liza 2014-10-06 Best Answer

    Hello Farquleet:

    Alibaba Logistics is a one-stop logistics solution platform for orders of all types and sizes. The service covers sample orders, trial orders and small through large quantities. Alibaba leverages its extensive trade capacity to lower the cost and simplify the transaction process.

    To find more detailed information go here:



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