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  • ENG MAR 2016-05-13

    our supplier request to transfer the amount to them account directly and you in your site advise us to transfer to your bank (citibank)

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  • Pasquale Cacciatore 2016-04-05

    i would like to remark the behaviour of the Bluesunpv company. I dealt for long time on the bases you can find in Alibaba records and at the moment of signing supply agreement they changed completely the conditions: form 0.35us$/w to 0.46 us$/w regardin the same pv panel. This caused heavy consequences to the company I represented because, trusting the deal at the moment agreed, we sign agreement with our clients.


    Exactly the same append with Shine Solar technology, they did offer 0.35us$/w for panels and at the moment of signing the contract the price rises at 0.5us$/w for the same panel


    that is not only bad for our image but also for all Chinese traders and for Alibaba.


    what I write is documented in the deals recorded in Alibaba and in others documents exchanged via email.
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  • Trade Answers 2014-09-17

    1. Click “Ask a question”

    2. Choose “Ask Expert”

    3. Select the type of question you want to ask

    4. Select an expert

    5. Fill in your question details


    Please note: within a 24-hr period, you have 3 opportunities to ask our experts questions

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