Ikhlak Shiakh Level 1 asked 2014-10-11

Buying from Gold Supplier 1

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Hi ,

This is my first time buying from Alibaba.

I was wondering if I could trust Gold Suppliers, because I only have one Payment option available which is Western Union.

This is the supplier: http://mintech.en.alibaba.com/


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  • Andy Zhu 2014-10-11 Best Answer


    You can ask they to make a proforma invoice for you . PI has the legal effect.

    Don't worry about this , any more questions ,pls feel free to contact me soon

    My email address is sales1@desai-fashion.com

    Best regards


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    • Brian Van 2014-10-13



      if this is the first time for you on alibaba shopping , i advise you to use alipay which works safty and helpful to buyer , you just need to create a alipay account which may be connected to your bank card (credit card )and pay throught that , what;s more , alipay is controlled by alibaba company which is much safe for you ,buddy !


      (if you did not get the goods , you still could get your money back from alipay, that's really a good choice for you. )

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