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Order Closed with Security Reason 1

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I got the message; "Order Closed: Your payment was not processed due to security reasons....." This was happened after my CARD Purchase was successfully processed, and I saw the correct transaction at my card company. Then, after one day, Order Closed with the message above. I though it might be a mistake of a temporally transaction process, then I tried the same. But, my purchases are closed always. I used the different card, but I saw the same issue. First 2 transactions were successful, then all other transactions were failed with "Security Reason" that I am know sure what is the issue. Now, I can not buy anything from Aliexpress now with the reason above. Of course, I can use those cards for Amazon etc. for any purchase..

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  • Christian Liza 2014-09-25 Expert's Answer

    Hello Yoshihito:

    My Suggest:

    1.- Contact your bank about this issue. Some banks blocks cards for the firt time they buy from China websites.

    2.- Email Aliexpress (buyer@aliexpress.com), and ask them what had happened and about the refund if apply.


    Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
    skype: decaltrademark1
    email: cliza@decaltrademark.com
    http:// www.comprar-en-china.com

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  • Albert Gibel 2014-09-24 Best Answer

    Dear Yoshishito Yamashita,


    Forgive me, I'm not certain what your question is but perhaps this will help.


    First, verify with your bank that no charges have occurred regarding the intended purchase. If they have occurred and you have not recieved your purchase, you should inform your banker of this problem. Most banks allow 30-days from the time of purchase to dispute charges.


    Second, Why Did My Payment Fail ?


    Please goto below listed web site, I believe this will help you.





     Hope the above was helpful.



    Albert Gibel


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    • Don Paris 2014-09-25


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