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SHIGA MARUISHI BICYCLE CO., LTD.,are there really and are there someone that,hase buy frome theme 1

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SHIGA MARUISHI BICYCLE CO., LTD. Are they a scam and has someone buy something frome them?

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  • Christian Liza 2014-09-19 Best Answer

    Hello JP:

    You are asking for the company "SHIGA MARUISHI BICYCLE" posted in alibaba as a Free member right?

    I suggest you to deal with the real SHIGA MARUISHI, located in Japan, not in USA.

    The company in Alibaba seems not to be the real one; it has suspect details: thet are located in Alabama and the telephone is from Pennsylvania, they are unverified and they dont show legal information.

    The real SHIGA MARUICHI website in Japan is:


    I can speak and read japanese, it is possible they can speak english too :)

    Good luck

    Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
    skype: decaltrademark1

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