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Auditing a Trading Company in China: What Checklist to Follow? 1

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Aaraya Sing 2014-09-03 Asker's Choice Best Answer

a checklist based mostly on the ISO 9001 standard is a very good start.
Our audit checklist is composed of four parts. I pasted some of the checkpoints below, as examples.

1. Quality management system
Is there an overall diagram of the purchasing-related process, and of the quality-related processes
Do company employees have standard procedures to follow If yes: are these procedures easily accessible to employees
2. Management responsibility
Does the company measure customer satisfaction (Example: surveys, rate of repeat business…)
Has the company written a job description for each position
Do the job descriptions include the skills, education, and experience necessary for each job
3. Provision of resources
Does the company have formal training programs, and can records be shown If not, does it have a good way of giving necessary competencies to the right employees
Does the company have a formal employee evaluation programs Can records be shown
Are samples properly identified, stored, and protected
Are there testing/measuring devices in the office Are they adequate to the products
4. Product realization
Does the company prepare/have perfect pre-production samples for each product
If the customer requirements are changed, is this clearly recorded (on the samples’ identification, on the specification sheet’s version…)

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  • Mylla Almeida 2014-09-18

    Please change the tracking code so I can track my order

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  • Melia Tang 2016-05-31

    thanks for sharing .it is very details list .very good one .this is Melia from ICSCGROUP.We offer procurement service for oversea importers and buyers .during our business ,we've done many time to auditing factory verification .i would say a trading company normally are small size ,5-10 people ,and inject capital won't be so much .it is important to find one you can trust .if you need any further assistance ,pls feel free to contact us .thanks .




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  • Elizabeth Gitonga 2015-11-02

    We dealt with this supplier Quanzhou Youngsun Trade Co., Ltd (http://youngsuncn.en.alibaba.com). They are a  fraud, they delivered goods that are not as ordered. We were very clear on what we needed and the seller promised that they would meet our requirements. We ordered for bags 100% cowhide Leather and when we received the bags and conducted leather test the bags were 100% PU and not cowhide leather as agreed. The test videos of the bags can be seen in the following Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0UTn5vUA-NlPGhyg1lgmmQ . We have leant that they are not a manufacturing company but a trading store.

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  • Echo Pan 2015-02-05

    Thanks for Araya's sharing, Let me share our basic company background's checkinglist below too:


    We check the company's business license, export certificate, company history, size, staff number, bank information etc, besides all the registered information verifying, we also check on internet and other various medias such as phone call to track the company's background and use our rich experience to analyze them, and will have a written report about the result we find.


    Normally our checklist includes but not limited to below:


    1. Check the website's domain information. Based on our experience, the scammer website is always newly registered and willl expire soon.

    2. Check the full registered certificates, like the business license, export or import qualification, company size, boss name, registered capital, banking account, landing telephone no. and other related information with the government authorities or officials.

    3. Inspect their company website and information registered in other B2B websites and other website to see if there are any suspicious points.

    4. Search it in its company name, phone number, email in local search engine such as Baidu and Google, and some china yellow page and some official government bodies or courts concerned to see if they have bad record or complaint.

    5. Contact the supplier to get picture or video of their chamber, especially their company name board.


    Welcome to contact us if anyone want to check our report.



    Echo Pan

    Aligo China Business Services
    skype: echopan219


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  • Elisabete Roceti 2014-10-08

    I'm asking because the cancellation of the request processing time was 7 dias'uteis and is already 32 days and the seller aindanão enciou OMEU request. Already requested the cancellation about 5 times and the seller refuses to cancel and send the proiduto tambpem not score . I believe I am dealing with a serious company that honors its commitments and for this reason I ask the cvancelamento again and request the return of the amount paid for 32 days.
    Thank you
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  • CESAR RECIO LUCAS 2014-10-08

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  • Sergey Gorbatenko 2014-10-07


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  • Sergey Gorbatenko 2014-10-07


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  • fabio lopez 2014-10-07

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  • jong han jung 2014-09-22

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    When you get to see there's a fast delivery 7 days?
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