Jordan Coakley Level 1 asked 2014-09-03

what is the difference between 100% Inspection and Inspection at 100% 1

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it's confusing

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  • Suwalak Thamklang 2014-09-03 Best Answer

    100% Inspection usually refers to an instance when we inspect the ENTIRE shipment lot for quality. That means, if you are shipping 20,000 alarm clocks, we are inspecting each and every alarm clock, prior to shipment. This method of inspection is most popular for goods of high value, such as high-end electronics and jewelry.

    Inspection at 100% usually refers to a final inspection done by sample size, meaning only a representative sample of the goods are inspected to determine the quality level of the shipment. When we say “at 100%” it usually refers to the fact that the goods will be 100% manufactured and packaged prior to drawing our sample for inspection. So, in the case of 20,000 alarm clocks, this means we will wait until the alarm clocks are all 100% completed and packed, prior to starting our inspection.

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    • Heather Zhang 2017-06-22

      you may need understand the background of this two expression.

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    • Tunc KILINCEL 2015-12-29

      Like Suwalak, i also have my point of view.

      I think 100% inspection is while inspecting each shipment`s items 1 by 1. As Suwalak`s example, this process should be repeated 20,000 times if exporter is clock producer. He misses something. The missing point is that, u cannot inspect the quality of meat if it is exported, or intelequal property like as software products like virus software. Then what to do? Turkey 1 - Suwalak 0.

      Second, inspection by sampling is very common. if you have 20,000 clocks for example, for every 100 clocks u test 1 so 200 clocks in the end tested for inspection at 100%relaized. 

      What is missing again? What if it is intelequal property or if intangible product like licenses or certificates how to inspect those products. Any explanation>?


      Tunc is writing from SPK pipe and fitting factory in Istanbul.

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    • in106318469 2014-09-11

      100% inspection is..all goods inspected 100% without any miss.

      Inspection at 100% is ..all inspection parameters followed srictly without neglecting any parameter

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