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How To Stop Your Chinese Supplier From Becoming Your Competitor. 1

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How your Chinese suppliers might become your competitors.

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  • emay zaa 2014-06-16 Best Answer

    Do business with the right people in China. Companies with nothing to lose are far more likely to take your IP than those with established businesses and reputations and incentives for not getting sued.
    Think about what you have that needs protecting. What do you have that others want What do you have that your competitors would love to get their hands on Is it your technology Your customers Your brand
    Figure out how you (not your lawyer) can protect what needs protecting. Can you break into subparts whatever it is that you want to protect so that nobody in China gets access to the full thing Can you get away with sending an older version to China Can you lock it down in your building in China or on one computer such that your employees cannot leave with it Can you keep the key portions on a server in the US These sorts of protections are usually called structural protections and they can be absolutely critical.

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    • in106318469 2014-09-11


      No one can stop anyone from becoming competitor..........but you can get prepared face it and defeat them.

      Every company or person has their own strengths and weakness


      Technically if your company is strong..u have a chance to defeat

      or else your relationships with the buyer can be an advantage as moat of the busness runs on relationships

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    • kooling king 2015-03-21

      Just keep on improving your network and your products. 

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    • dicky ruli 6 hours ago

      im never stoping


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    • m walker 2015-05-23

      sleep with them

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    • Jewelry 2014-10-02

      if you are doing trading between us only, you need be carefull

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