Ammie Toz Level 2 asked 2014-06-16

How is modern Chinese Trade? 1

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How is Chinese trade today? If you answer I would really appreciate it

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Sanju Samson 2014-06-16 Asker's Choice

trading in large amount at unbeatable price. their currency is everything they need to support the trade going and more profit for them self. ever wonder why one yuan never equals 1 $ us dollar? they are undervalue and that's how they make money from the trade, and it increases the trade amount too.

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  • Wendy Miao 2014-12-08

    Chinese in the line of the international trade are becoming much yonger in the few years than those days.And then,the purchase company and the salers will have rich experience with the competitive market.Everything goes on well.

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  • Thomas Tang 2016-11-26

    As we all know,China is a large export contury,

    many foreign friends come to cooperte with us.

    For example ,i can show you a chart,you can understand clearly

    My friend my company is mayor in hotel /home freezer,

    hope we can have coopreation.




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  • Danny Huang 2016-12-30

    Growing and struggling!

    As a salesman,we sell ecigs and phone accessories!

    Customers keep on asking new products,then the market is going crazy.

    we can hardly to supply all,and stock can make us died because of update products!

    So we have to keep an eye on every change,then we can find more chance to get the business.

    Anyway,we still have some good sales,hope the next year is getting muc better!


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  • ypeacebird 2014-09-10

    Personally , i think it is related to our government 's money policy and income distributive policy, and the society bottom's workers income (labourer's cost).  

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  • henry xu 2016-08-06

    it is not so good and you have to spend more hard work to get your business.

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  • Aaronwang 2015-12-14

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  • Jewelry 2014-10-02

    how appreciate it ? Ammie

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  • in106318469 2014-09-11

    Modern chinese are becoming more aggressive and customer oriented, they look for longterm relations with good quality goods at nominal prices.


    If chinese can shed their present "Non-reliable tag" then for sure they will rule the world for many more years.

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  • Lilian Young 2014-07-07

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