Alina Sammuel Level 1 asked 2014-06-16

Question about american apparel employee benefits? 1

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regarding the employee discount: does the 50% off work at all american apparels or just the one youre working at? does it work online too? haha

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Daisy White 2014-06-16 Asker's Choice

NO. American Apparel is an AWFUL PLACE TO WORK.
Read this, I read it on tumblr:

I worked at American Apparel for two years. During the time that I worked there, the company implemented a company-wide recruitment policy where any person applying for a position must be photographed (1 headshot, 1 body shot) The actual resumes were thrown in the garbage. These photos were then sent to a company email address where someone would either give a thumbs up or down to the photographs. Staff were encouraged to recruit instore and on the street and were given a $100 bonus for every person they got approved.

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  • vinna lu 2015-02-27

    yeah american apparel is not a levelled name, more cheap in america therefore the work condition not good not good we knew from some old staffs

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  • Joan Liu 999 2015-12-13

    HI friends,


    Sorry,what do you mean for this,do not understand well?


    Could you make it a little clearly?


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  • Jewelry 2014-10-02

    Dov Charney is only the controversial founder, not all their shop are same
    as per ur message, you probably want to work online



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