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American express card? 1

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Is there an american express card where you only have to pay a minimum balance and not the full balance?

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  • emay zaa 2014-06-16 Best Answer

    American express has been issuing several cards for a few years that diverge from their charge card core business. These require you to only pay a certain minimum payment every month. I have had about 80% of the credit cards the parent American Express company offers at one point or another over the years. Their interest rates are not the most competitive in the industry by far and the only reason some people seem to get them is prestige which except for the core gold,platinum,centurion cards is just not there. The only good thing I can think of with the American Express parent company is their generous allotment for credit lines. My current credit line with them is more than 5 times the credit line on any other of my cards and is actually more than i make in an entire year. If you still want to look into an American Express then other banks such as Citibank or Bank of America offer American Express branded cards which are serviced by them under the Amex brand.
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