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What is the best products to import and export? 0

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ImPort and export is becoming easier than ever because business globalization is here. however there is some popular products are hot in each year. what will become major hot goods to import and export in next a few year? exclude weapons when you post something new, thanks a lot !

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  • stikol 2007-03-12 Best Answer

    Replying to [Richard NIan]: I supose Iphone will be great product this summer. I am going to import some units to Poland.
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    • darina xu 2017-07-05

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      We are Fitness Equipment factory of China.Specializing in this line nearly 18 years.


      I think it's best to import and export.Because nowadays almost all people focus one health.


      Hope there is a way we can coopetate.


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    • skravlinge 2008-09-24

          The hot product will attract many exporters and importers, and such a market will not be easy to stay in for long. The markets demand will fill up quick, and it use to be lower prices as the market is flooded. If you act first just before everybody smell it may be good for a while.

      In this situation it is not the product making your succes, its your marketing skill.


      I think its better to work with products which has demand over long time, and are to a extent uniqe on the market. Its should be something you  have a lot of knowledge of both the products and the market. A product you can build up  the success for your importers  and yourself for a long time. If possible try to  make a known brand, develop the product over time.

      We use all sorts of products in this world, you have to  find those which you can handle better over the average competition.



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    • rafiq345 2008-09-21

      whcih you can sell, is the best,

      which products you have most knowledge is best

      which products has demand in your market is the best.

      so you know better about all above quetions.

      you know about ur product knowledge, you know about your makret.


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    • uk103128920 2008-09-21


      i would be interested in importing goods goods to the u.k but still am not quite sure, can someone please give me some ideas and also some links,

      thank you,

      email address:

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    • cn102206417 2008-07-10

      I have no idea about this.I wanna know this valuable imformation also.
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    • in101669979 2008-07-05

      I want suggest you only one but few products because.. each product has got different cycles and trends and wouldnt feet into each market.

      Agricultural dip irrigation tapes, High quality blankets, Industrial raw material that is scare in your country like stainless steel or aluminium and last Sport shoes.[em19]

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    • canturktextile 2008-05-31

                Hello everybody,

              You all right about Iphone. I agree also. But I think everyone has different country and need something different. That is why products can change. But general everybody use technology so it is not best product but seriously popular.  Also there is a problem because if you pay attention most of people import technology and serious competition.

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    • uk101776274 2008-05-30

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    • spudz890 2007-06-30

      Replying to [james-shao]: Have to agree here!! A++ response!
      Garrett: Spudz's Attic[em19]
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    • wlcnet 2007-06-18

      Replying to [Richard NIan]: Health and Wellness and anything related thereto. This is without doubt the most booming business at present and one which will continue to grow exponentially over the next ten years of so.
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