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How and with which product to get started in import business 0

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Hi there, I am just exploring the gigantic world of alibaba.com since a few days and I am really interested in starting import business. As I do not have any experiences in that business (some years ago, I importet some wristbands from Taiwan, but that doesn't really count, in my opinion...) I dont really know, with which product I should start with. I have just checked some price lists for lots of different products (currently, my company is selling Flat-TVs - but they are very difficult to import, as they are very comlicated in technical ways) like furnitures, DVB-T Receivers, MP4 Players and so on. Especially furnitures were very interesting to me, as they can be selled with good profits here, in my opinion - on the other hand, the transport of furnitures, for example sofas, should be very expensive and complicated, so I guess this would not be a very good idea to start with. As I want to check the selling possibilities first, I need small MOQs, so that I don't buy thousands of products just to realize afterwards, that they can't be selled here with a good profit. So the 3 most important things to me, a product, which I wanted to import, should have, are the following: 1. Low minimum order quantity (to decrease the risk and to check the selling possibilites on the first order - the next orders would be bigger) 2. Simple - not with too much things which can go busted 3. Sell able, with a good profit I am very variable in the kind of products, as long as they are reliable (I don't want to sell sex toys or something like that, I saw this commendation, as a good idea to start with in another threat) perhaps, anyone has a good commendation for me, I would be very pleased. Furthermore, I am scared of fraud. Lots of different cases of fraud have happened in import business, and I don't want to throw my money away - has anyone good advice to me, to avoid being defrauded? There are trust passes and gold members - is this a guarantee for a reliable seller? Thank you very much in advance, I know, some of my questions are stupid to experienced importers, but I would be very pleased, if you were helping me anyway - if there is any further information you need, please let me know. Best regards, Hendirk

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  • okjasmine 2006-08-08 Best Answer

    Replying to [homann]:


    I want to help you to start your import business from China.

    As I am a Chinese, a experienced business girl who is in the import and export line for more than 5 years.

    To help the importers to import from China is also belong to part of my job.

    For your reference, I am the agency/helper for several clients, for example, two Australia, a Belgium client, a USA, a Srilanka...

    I help to coordinate, inspect, and transport the goods.

    If you interested in my service, feel free to contact me-Jasmine.

    But first, pls have an investigate on your markets, to know what kind of items you can sell well.As I really can't tell you what kind of items you can sell at your end.

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    • seair eximsolutions 2017-03-01

      If you are involved in import and export business in India, then the knowledge of free import export data is very important. Availability of free import export data is one such data that empowers local businesses in India to make intelligent businesses decisions after taking into account the different figures of items imports and exports as well

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    • tcm1234 2007-04-15

      Our center sell Tcm, Traditional Chinese Medicine, our products are all natural and have no side-effects.If u are interest in our [roducts, you can mail me by tcm6win@yahoo.com.
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    • inscha3alah 2007-04-14

      Replying to [homann]:
      I got the same Problem like you.
      But i dont think that you will get the answer that you search for on this way.
      Because everybody how tell you here sell this or sell this want to sell his stuff to you.
      The Best way will be search your Market.
      Then Research the Prices on Alibaba.
      How do you want to sell you Items?
      Internet, shop or how?
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    • tbeaccyy 2007-04-14

      Replying to [homann]:
      Hi, Homann,
      i think you can try to sell printer consumbles in your country.
      As you know that nowadays, more and more people use color laser printers instead of monochrome ones and inkjet printers. So there will be a good market for color toner cartridges and also high profit for you. Besides, the original color toner cartridges are so expensive, so if you can supply the end-user for remanufactured ones in good quality and lower price. Both of you and your customers will benefit from it. It's really a good profitable field. that's just the reason lead me quit my job of a teacher and bump into this field finally.
      If you have any interest in this field, or want to learn further information, pls feel free to contact me!Let's expand our business together.
      Best regards!

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    • adamini 2007-04-13

      Replying to [homann]:

      Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Adam, Sales Executive from Aztech Systems. We provide Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services and our focus is mainly in data communication and voice communication products. We have also recently launched a new range of Remote Controlled products. Some products we design and build are ADSL modems, Analog modems, WIFI products, powerline products, DECT Phones, VoIP Products, MP3s, and Speaker Systems.

      As a fully integrated manufacturer, we have our own electronic manufacturing plants and plastic injection manufacturing plant in Dong Guan, China.

      Supported from experienced in-house R&D staffs in Singapore, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Dong Guan China, coupled with our in-house ID design team, we're able to provide a one-stop service for all our clients from conceptual design all the way to finished products and shipment.

      We would like to introduce to you our new Helex Micro-RC Helicopter and more information can be found attached in the Marketing Bulletin below.

      Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you require any further assistance.



      To continue diversifying our product lineup, Aztech Systems Ltd, a leading communications company, is pleased to announce the launch of our first Remote Controlled product!

      Taking the lead in the lineup is the new Helex micro-RC helicopters. The Helex is uniquely designed with a 4-channel remote control functionality that revolutionize the next generation of flight toys with unsurpassed ease and reliability.

      Main Features

      -Contra-rotating blade design increases stability and control

      -Pre-assembled and Ready-To-Fly right out of the box!

      -Pre-installed electronics package comprises of a 4 channel receiver, gyro, mixers and speed controllers

      -Powerful Dual 180 motors

      -Micro servos that allow precision control

      -800mAh Li-Polymer battery pack provides up to 15 minutes of flight per charge!

      -Charging of Transmitter directly via charging adapter

      - The transmitter has been designed for precision helicopter flying and features user configurable servo reversal to cater to the needs of individual flyers.

      Target Market:

      -Sports fanatics

      Supporting Document

      -Product Specifications
      -Sales Presentation

      Drop me a email if you plan to meet us @
      Canton Fair
      China Import and Export Fair (Liuhua) Compex
      Venue:Hall 8, 1st Floor, Booth A30
      Date: 25--30th, April

      Adam chen -- Aztech Systems www.aztech.com
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    • homann 2006-08-08

      Replying to [hellojasmine]: Of course I know generally which products we can sell or not, but there are too many factors, so that we are never able to guarantee, that a product sells well oder not, untill we tried it.
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