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What does "arrival at transit office of exchange" status mean? 0

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I'm waiting for some items from China to USA and the status on China Post is "arrival at transit office of exchange" still in China, after 10 days, status has not change, what is going on?

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  • ca901642943 2011-05-12 Best Answer

    I just read this on another page, thought i'd forward it along:



    1. "Posting" - Your package has left DX and it is in China Post

    2. "Arrival at transit office of exchange" - Your package is in the outward custom´s

    3. "Departure from outward office of exchange" - Your package is waiting for a plane, already accepted by customs

    4. "Held by Customs" - Your package is in your country, and in Customs.

    5. "Arrival at inward office of exchange" - Your package is now in your own country post.

    6. "Final delivery" - Now you have received your package.

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    • us112310983 2010-08-15

      I'm having the exact same problem. What did you find out? Have you gotten your package yet? Mine was shipped on 8/3/10 and the first scan was on 8/10/10 and now it says "arrival at transit office of exchange". Considering this is my wedding veil for my wedding on 8/28/10, I'm nervous I won't get it. Please let me know what happened to you. I would greatly appreciate it as I can't find an answer anywhere!
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    • au111175932 2010-09-14

      I'm waiting for an item to arrive from Hong Kong.  I checked with the tracking number and it says "arrival at transit office of exchange Australia 10/9/10" but no update has been made. Are you able to assist me further.

      Dez Rowney

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