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Is it easy to open office in Yiwu? 0

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I am from England and i want to open office in Yiwu so i can buy goods and send them to England and other countries or if other people cant travel to china and they want to order goods through my office. So what do i need for opening such a office? and can someone help me ? what are the requirments of law for this? Can i make an apartment as my office and how much would be the rent? thanks

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    is not difficult open the office in yiwu

    and the rent also not expensive, my customers had also open there, the one year office rent(including the house living)  will not more then the 1700usd, they should one time to pay for the one year

    and if you need more requiring, i can introduce the person for you

    hopefully will give the assitent for you


    my neam is Eva

    have a nice day

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    • cn102685379 2010-09-24

        Dear Mr baryhash

      How are you .i'm amy from yiwu city china

      i'm very glade to know that you are plant to open office in yiwu .this is good idea . in our city have a famouse internetational market ,offer  all kind of goods .and here also have many foreign stay here do business ,they are from different country . and export goods to all the world .

      if you like pls feel free to contact to me , i'm try my best to help youn if i can .

      best regard

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    • cn111755647 2010-07-13

      if you need logistic service,pls connect me,we are Eagle International Freight Forwarding Co.Ltd, which is based in Ningbo on the east coast of China and is very near from Yiwu

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    • cn110144798 2010-06-24

      hi,i am kelly from guangzhou.hope i can help you for your business in china.I can supply buying agent service then i think it will save cost for your business . Pls contact: info@kanrel dot com
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    • cn209701623 2010-06-23

      We forwarder can help you solve your problem. We can collect goods in China and then send to the world. What you need to do is find your supplier in China, and then we contect your supplier, collect good from them and send to your customers as your instruction. regards,
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    • nl110085305 2010-06-22

      hello i am living and working in yiwu. like Eva said , not so expensive. we had an office before in Futian market, rent is 4411usd. rent an house outside near futian market $1911, one sleeping room, one living room, toliet and kitchen. so if you make a bigger living house to work and live together, then it will be much cheaper. for Company Law. You can apply for a HK company licence, pay one time money $735. one week get all the company documents. need more help. ??!!
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