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How many bottles of wine fit into a 20 ft and 40 ft container? 0

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Can anybody tell me how many bottles of wine (0.75 l) would fit in a 20ft and 40 ft container?

Thanks a lot

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  • mpaschen 2007-12-18 Best Answer

    Replying to [ira123]:A 12 bottle case is between 12x10x13" (LxWxH) and 14x10x13" (LxWxH) which means you can stack 36 cases onto a 48x40" US pallet.

    I'm not sure how many pallets per container but if my calculations are correct then it's 16 pallets for 20ft and 36 pallets for 40ft container.

    20ft container: 16 pallets x 36 cases x 12 bottles = 6,912
    40ft container: 36 pallets x 36 cases x 12 bottles = 15,552

    The 40ft container will be filled close to payload because a 12-pack case weighs about 45 lbs I believe.
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    • uk104403199 2009-02-23

      A good 20x40 ft, container, should keep you goin for a while there freind,

      cheers [em19]

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    • johnevans7 2009-02-23

      more pallets
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    • irinanorrell 2007-12-19

      Replying to [ira123]: Thanks a million, mephisto.
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