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buy (sell) MAX phase powders Ti2AlN Ti2SnC Ti3AlC2,Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2 powders 0

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which company can provide/sell/produce MAX phases powders such as Ti2AlN Ti2SnC Ti3AlC2,Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2 powders? Thanks.

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we are a Chinese company and we can produce, synthesize and sell MAX phases powders materials: highly-pure titanium aluminium carbide:Ti2AlN, Ti3AlC2 (Ti3AlC2),Ti2AlC (Ti2AlC) and titanium silicon carbide : Ti3SiC2(Ti3SiC2) powders If you are interested in or want to buy or purchase or order Ti2AlN, Ti3AlC2,Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2 powders, Please contact our email, thank you. yuanleishiye at
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    It Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers on alibaba. How can you do business successfully but not be scammed? What shall you do if you cannot make sure whether the supplier is real or not? How can the business activity become easier? Well, you can come to us. We can do that for you by contacting us at: Email: Or skype: wenkin991
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