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if a supplier told me that MOQ is 20GP what does i 0

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I ask a supplier for minimum order quantitie and he told me 20 GP, BUT I do not understand what does it mens

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  • cn200121630 2010-07-09 Best Answer

    20GP means one 20 feet container,it's about 24-26 CBM.Any way,you are welcomed to contact me,MSN



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    • cn220035760 2010-07-09

      right ~
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    • in106318469 2010-07-15

      Means you need to buy 1 full container goods as MOQ (20ft Gp container size).


      ask them how many pcs can be loaded in 1 20ft container, its about 20tons/container in normal conditions.



      check the above for container sizes.


      Cheers.. RoseRose

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