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Qingdao TaiHongDa Chemical Co., Ltd 0

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They never delivered the chemical and now never answeres the telephone or returns email messages.. They were paid in full for the THQ - Tetrahydroxyquinone. The seller's name for this fraud company is Michale Zhang or Michale Zhangbin. It appears he's another scammer. A police report and formal complaint is being filed against this company and Michale Zhanghere here at the Chinese embassy. An associate in Tainjin discovered they sold barrels of oil which turn out to be barrels of water to one of their customers. Warning, Warning Warning dealing with this company.

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  • cn1001037256 2012-05-12 Best Answer

    It Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers on alibaba. How can you do business successfully but not be scammed? What shall you do if you cannot make sure whether the supplier is real or not? How can the business activity become easier? Well, you can come to us. We can do that for you by contacting us at: Email & MSN: (Note: Alibaba needs keeping scammers here to support Alibaba' business so they will delete your forums whenever you take on the buuyers' side or speak out the truth of the scammers!)
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    • cn1010439976 2012-05-23

      My friend,as far as i know,there is no people called michaelzhangbin in that company and i just ordered 100mt TiO2 from Qingdao TaiHongDa Chemical Co., Ltd to my Iran customer for paints. and last week,i just come back after visiting that company,it is a very big chemical group and warmly welcomed us. Other buyers when meet this slander news,just ignore.It representative nothing.
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    • cn1010439487 2012-05-23

      Everything have two sides,not just listen to that persons words,we have cooperate with this company for three years and we have a very good cooperation,not like that slander.
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    • ali900036844 2012-05-11

      Spell correction: The scammers name is: Michael Zhang or Michael Zhangbin


      Qingdao TaiHongDa Chemical Co., Ltd

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    • Dorin Barbos 2017-03-09

      I just finish discussion with this Angel. He contacted me and offer me a product. I ask samples, before a large order.

      After 13 emails he wants from me 250 usd for 5 usd samples and 50 usd air shipping. I explain to him, is not normal to try to earn money from samples. He's answer was this: "sorry sir,don't waste time for these small payment and orders."

      In reality most employees who work in selling for Chinese companies have " a special" relationship with shipping companies. As most you pay for shipping ... better for employees pockets. If you not want to pay ... employees loose interest to send samples, even if is not company benefit. Or, they reduce quantity of samples to remains more money. Or they ask little amount and after require more money for shipping. 

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    • Issac Phang 2016-08-25

      Scammer company !!! 

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    • Cornelia Zhuchenko 2015-10-16

      They are lier!! Fraud!! be carefull!! We paid money and received nothing!!

      They do not return money and do not send the goods!!!

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    • Kristin Cooke 2015-10-14

      DO NOT deal with this company! I was quoted $150 plus $100 shipping for 10kg of  wax for soap making. I paid the $250 and got 3.3kg of wax. Angel is refusing to send the remaining wax without more money for shipping!

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    • l y 2015-08-29

      This company is very big chemical group ,maybe you can't pay the worthy price to them.

      many buyers said they have cooperate with taihongdao for more than 12 years and michael is a very kind person.they supply best quality APIS and chemicals with best price.

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    • Charles Lowry 2015-08-19

      I also have been scammed by this company.  Also talked with Michael Zhang (Angel).  They will steal your money and laugh at you.

      And no, it is VERY difficult to not get scammed by the Chinese.  I have worked with over 80 Chinese companies over time and I count 4 that I believe are good to work with.  4 out of 80. 

      Stay away from this company at all costs.

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    • Parichart Thummarati 2015-07-29

      about 1-2 weeks ago, I order chemicals from this company.

      Sale gave me the price 100 USD for 50 g.

      said OK 

      After I transfered money, the sale told me that the price was wrong, it was 790 USD/g.

      I tried to get my money back because it too expensive for me cannot afford.

      The sale hasn't refund my money. She wants me to buy either other goods or accept that new price.

      How should I do?

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