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Alibaba has been no help to me in my complaint of YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. 0

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I have tried to give them all the information they should need to at least contact YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. with the information I summited and see what YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. has to say about what proof I have summited againest YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. I now have little faith in either YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. or ALIBABA.COM

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    Great Eagle Group Machinery Corp. Ltd. May also go by the name Yancheng Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd I believe they scammed me out of money without sending the items ordered.

    On August 31 I got a refund of $1930 from the Alibaba fair trade fund for a purchase I made on February 22 from Yanchang Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd.. I am still out $65.50 from trying to do business with Yanchang Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd.. It has been a nightmare trying to get the refund for the unshipped items. It has been over 6 months trying to get my money back and my out of pocket expenses. I am still out $65.50 for letting Yanchang Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd. and Alibaba use my money interest free for over 6 months. I have spent numerous hours communicating with Yanchang Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd. and Alibaba to try to get the money back. I could not recommend doing business with either Yanchang Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd. Or

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      Chelsea the same thing happened to me with the Perez Banguket Gabisa person. I was purchasing feather extensions from him Grizzly Feathers LTD (THAILAND) 41 Petchburi 19, Petchburi Road, Rajthevee Bangkok 10400 Thailand This guy is a total scam artist!!!! When I asked for my refund all he coul say was I'm sorry!
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      THIS IS A SCAM!!!! JUST GOOGLE SEARCH Gabsia Banguket Perez GRIZZLY FEATHERS LTD [Thailand] This is the business information but they only accept Western Union and are not verified in anyway so know YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!! City: Bangkok Province/State: Bangkok Country/Region : Thailand Business Type:Manufacturer, Buying Office, Distributor/Wholesaler I was wanting to order Name: Gabsia Banguket Perez Address: 28 Rama 6 Soi 5 (Rongmuang Soi 3), Pathuwam Town: Bangkok Post code: 10330 Country: Thailand
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