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bikes and fitness equipment. 0

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I am looking for a reliable company for my business.  I am a buyer who is looking for fitness equipment and Tri bikes as well as perts.  Trust pass members are welcome as I need to find a faithful and trust worthy partner that will deliver on demand. I will be ordering bikes and parts on a regular basis if possible.


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  • sourcefromindia 2009-01-13 Best Answer

    Dear fit for life,

    Many members do not participate in discussion forums.Hence post a 'Buy' trade lead as well.


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    • darina xu 2017-07-04

      Hi my friend.Lucky knowing that you are in business of fitness equipment.


      We are professional fitness equipment factory of China.


      Hope there is a way we can cooperate.


      Thanks and best regards,


      Whatsapp:+86 15214722053

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    • cn220243051 2011-01-03

      Dear sir, How are you?I am van,yongkang study Co., LTD Customer manager, ten years I fitness equipment company has been committed to the research and development, product variety, exported to many countries and regions. If you have any needs, can contact us, or welcome to visit our company sites: Refresh = all my pleasure! Tax:0579-87067119 Tel:0579-87063080 producer email BEST REGARTS, VAN YongKang City Sibao CO.,Ltd.
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    • lylianliang 2009-01-14


      i know some supplier selling Electic Bike only....not Tri-bike...

      my friend in Australia is also looking for fitness equipment,would you pls contact me if you get some good suppliers?

      my email is: Edited contact details.Use trade manager instead.-Sixer

      thank you in advance!



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