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What furniture is the most want among home furniture? 0

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Hundred or thousand furniture are available, For the home furnishing which furniture is the most wanted one? in the category by placing and functional?

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    Jenny, is it by statistic or trend forecasting ? how about simple french/modern ?
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    • yunxia zheng 2017-04-11

      Hi! Nice  to  meet  you!


      I  think  the  bed  is  the  most  want among  home  furniture.


      Bcause  there's  no place to  sleep if  there's no  bed.

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    • Anna Maria 2016-07-21

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    • Mandy Han 2015-07-13

      Couch, table, chair, bed, cabinet, bookcase are both needed. Most want fruniture suppose to be couch.

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    • Andrew Sze 2015-06-10

      Computer Table, Sofa, Chair, Cabinet...





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    • uk111776522 2010-10-06

      Italian furniture is the most wanted furniture these days.


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