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Buyer of gps device should aware ofShenzhen Noran Tecchnology Co.Ltd 0

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[ Tags: shenzhen Noran Technology co. lt mike zhang of Noran Technology ] sold a faculty product since received. from day one, they still continue ignore, first mike zhang really talk big, it is US$170 only their Company can afford, but the truth is they are really want little money but don't bother of their name.. Or untrust worthy, dishonest, upon received, I anted o make a dispute, but Mike Zhang called me to give them a good remark, after given remark,they360 degree turn over. Thhey just continue ignore.. because already graded them. What to do now......anybody know...

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  • my1016877039 2013-01-28 Best Answer

    should buy from taiwan, usa or uk , never have buy from them again
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    • my101542362 2013-01-30

      yes never buy from china, especially this company... very sorry to hear that you do face the same problem as well. with post they can give all sorts of claims, warranty but all are not not working upon received.. Me is not only victim that got such products from them, I got it from Mike Zhang with email, skype:bluesea20120808,, etc and incompleted product packed aand checked by Wei Kang CEO of so called Shenzhen Noran Technology Co. Ltd., also known as Shenzhen Noran International Technology Co.Ltd can cheat foreigner by sending spoil product, yet after they confirmed that their product is not working. They think they can get away. Even fall into victim, the alibaba and alliexpress can not do any thing. They should be punished, please check more details on this company link in ask, and aliexpress facebook or let us all post in facebook as well..
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    • my1016968815 2013-01-30

      their product can not last, waste of money, about months,got problem, automatically ON and OFF, have bought a few months again from Shenzhen Noran Technology with NR series, from their gps can not trace my car tracker. Did contacted them, but they also ignore my message, they also told me got 2 years warrantee, one year free tracking service. What to do ?
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    • us1017021942 2013-02-01

      I have my car gps tracker from mike zhang of shenzhen noran technology, got wrong tracking route, not reliable at all, worst than a toy.
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    • Tunc KILINCEL 2016-01-29

      can u find another supplier?

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