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I have receive the on website. The price is so low that I can't believe it. Has any one experience with them? Please tell me if it's reliable

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  • us1004078134 2012-11-14 Best Answer

    I checked registration information of this web, it has been put on record in China, I think we could believe their products


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    • uk1014498919 2012-11-14

      I studied this site for 1 year. I bought twice from it. products are really good. Transport is also very fast. But the payment has a bit of trouble.

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    • uk118000324 2012-11-14

      I've seen them Express Information ( )

      these shipping tracking number all on it . think it's authentic.


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    • au1013841408 2012-11-14

      I know some ebay sellers purchase goods from then resell on ebay, It’s really profitable. I’ve buy their good for a try and it excited me and have been used since I bought it, and I plan to buy one for my girlfriend.




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    • us1014499149 2012-11-14

      Rest assured.they're nice and goods are great,but they cost me a fortune.fortunately,products are really quite good.



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    • Tunc KILINCEL 2016-01-11

      After delivary please write to here what you received? real one or fake?

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    • ae1016605196 2013-01-19

      i got scammed by did not recieve my item even after i confirmed that they recieved my payment..can any one help me in this matter?
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    • cn109327271 2012-12-25

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