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How to buy silver jewelry? 0

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  • hk110658155 2010-09-08 Best Answer

    It's right as Andrew Brown says. We supply solid sterling silver jewelry, including jewelry sets, ring, earrings, necklace, pendant, beads, charms, bangle, bracelet, keyring, cuff links, money clip, jewelry packaging, etc. If you are interested in our jewelry product, please feel free to contact me! Mr. Hoho Lynn Hotbrands4u HK Jewelry Co., Inc.
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    • catherine- wxsilver 2016-12-02

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    • cn102155577 2010-03-12

      The most important thing to consider before buying silver jewelry is to make sure of the quality of the silver. As pure silver is extremely soft, metal alloys such as copper are added to harden silver. Silver jewelry must contain at least 92.5% silver to be considered real, or sterling, silver. When you are buying silver jewelry, look for marks such as sterling, sterling silver, "ster" or 925 imprinted on the jewelry itself.
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