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Does it pay to buy organic food? 0

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[em24]Chemicals found in manufactured foods, personal care products, industrial agriculture foods, and chemically treated water, have been linked to many health problems. Chemical ingestion, inhalation, and absorption into the body have shown to increase birth defects, rates of cancer, neurological conditions, and behavioral and developmental problems in children...

Any way, you hope to be healthier and the organic foods are proved good for your healthy, but they are really much more expensive then normal food~

Do you think it is worthful to pay for the organic food?[em33]

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  • kivik54 2009-03-19 Best Answer

    If you are getting the real thing, yes.
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    • Francesco paolo sardina 2015-10-29

      yes sure,i can help you to find good quality Italian food at resonable price.

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    • uwebrunjes 2009-03-23

      Update: Just this morning I learned that Monsanto's employees at their UK office totally BANNED all GMO food from their cafeteria. They should know why!
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    • id101354322 2009-03-23

      these are the cheap one and healty to consume..
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