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HOw Can i Check Flex Cable 0

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Hello Everybody.
Generally i import flex cable and Mobile LCD from China. But recently i found 30% flex cable are damaged. Any one can tell me how can i check the Flex cable before getting delivery. IS there any device by which i can check flex Cable.


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  • tony2009 2008-09-14 Best Answer

    You're fighting an uphill battle trying to check electronics from the back end.

    We've found the only way is to audit the factory's Quality Control systems before placing an order. There are certain well documented disciplines that must be exercised in a factory's procurement system and on its production line to avoid the problems you mention. A finding of no proper internal QC systems means no order.

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    • andy wang 2016-03-16

      All of our cable & wire, of course flex cable is included, are checked before delivery out! And, we will take photo of all the cable delived!


      Normally, we suggest CIF terms, if the cable is damaged, the client can go to insurance company, or can get back to us, we will give some compensation!


      Plz kind get me if you are interested in our cables...

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    • newtechnologyhk 2010-07-13

      we will check the flex cable,when is ok,and then will ship to you, if you find then damaged,you can return to us. please visit our or please send email to me I am COCO,nice to meet you!
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    • cgs_kenji 2008-09-27

      There are jigs to test flex cables for those popular models if not then you will have to get them custom made. Basically is to test the voltage to see if there is any broken lines etc.. Get flex cables from reputable factories as 30% is way too much. Those factories which we got from their faulty rates is only less than 2-3% as they are tested after the manufacturing.
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