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How to find good chinese jewelry wholesalers? 0

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I have a new jewelry store and want to wholesale jewelry from china,But I don't know how to do,can anybody tell me how can I find good jewelry suppliers?If use search engine,what's the keywords should I use?Thank you very much.

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  • hk100808362 2008-11-16 Best Answer

    Lots of such suppliers around. Search from:

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    • catherine- wxsilver 2016-12-04

      we can supply you the good 925silver jewelry:

      this is our on line shop, all items with stock avalible

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    • us100750292 2009-07-23

      In my recent experience I have placed orders with multiple companies operating out of China. I have since found that these companies are listing their products as 925 sterling silver. Once my items arrived I then brought them to my friend who owns a very professional jewelry store. Upon completion of the testing he found that the items were plated and not solid sterling silver. I also found this to be true from the suppliers on Ebay that are located in China, they stamp their merchandise 925 as well and it is so over priced for fake jewelry. I have since found a reputable supplier located in the United States. I had their sterling silver cores tested and they are all solid. The company I am now buying all of my product through is They have extremely low MOQ’s and very good pricing. All of their merchandise is absolutely beautiful when it arrives.
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    • cn101643447 2009-04-26

      We specialize in development of gemstone, pearls have steady business relationship with lots of suppliers all over the world we mainly offer all kings of stone , crystal, coral, pearls etc.........


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